New changing rooms and a 3G Astroturf were constructed between 2008 and 2010. The new Deal Town Rangers Clubhouse was constructed along the back of the Mill Road houses in 2012 when the old Clubhouse became disused; this was the HORSA hut built for The Elizabeth Carter School. The minibus garage was also constructed in 2010 to replace the disused music huts. More information is available in the documents below.

Castle Community School Logo Changing Rooms

In operation 1999 - 2016

In 1999, the school became CASTLE COMMUNITY SCHOOL. The teachers and governors decided that new branding was needed for the college so a new logo was created to promote the school. The school was renamed CASTLE COMMUNITY COLLEGE in 2005 and the slogan "Community, Care Commitment" was replaced “Care Commitment and Success”. Mrs Chapman became the Principal of Castle Community School from 2001 - 2011. After her retirement, Phillip Bunn took over until 2014, then Jane Hadlow became the Interim Principal until July 2016. This was just after the school became Goodwin Academy. Simon Smith is the current Principal.

Deal Town Rangers Clubhouse

Building the Changing Rooms

Opening of the Astroturf

DTR New Clubhouse


New Minibus Garage

Minibus shelters planning.pdf

In 2008, The College was named Sports College of the Year and a joint Sixth Form was organised with Walmer Science College. In 2009, the school had been selected for a new building under the "Building Schools for the Future" programme; unfortunately, this did not go ahead. In 2010, The College became an academy after being rated "Outstanding" for the third time in a row by Ofsted.

Sports College of the Year

Sixth Form Merger 2

Walmer Castle Sixth Form Leaflet

Sixth Form Merger 1

Walmer Castle Sixth Form Prospectus

Merger of Sixth Forms.pdf Merger of Sixth Forms 2.pdf Walmer Castle Sixth From.pdf Prospectus 2012-13.pdf

Announcement of a new school

Outstanding 2008

Academy Status

Outstanding College

Academy Status Approved

2008 Sign Walmer Castle Sixth Form logo 2010 Sign

In 2012, the school was oversubscribed for September, so the school's roll had been increased. During the academic year of 2012-2013, it was announced that Walmer Science College would close and all students would be transferred to Castle Community College. Castle Community College would have use of the former Walmer Science College site and it was announced that Castle Community College would have a brand new school for 1,300 students by 2017 under the "Priority School Building Programme". It was one of two secondary schools in Kent to be chosen for this programme.

Mill Road Site Main Entrance Sports College of the Year.pdf

Closure of Walmer Science College

Echoes Walmer Science College

Sports College of the Year.pdf Walmer School Closure.pdf Salisbury Road Site Main Entrance Echoes Walmer Science College.pdf

During the February Half Term in 2016, The HORSA Hut (old DTR Clubhouse) was demolished to make way for the construction site traffic. On Saturday 13th February, the asbestos roof was removed and the building was emptied. On Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th the Building was demolished and on the following 2 days, that section of the site was checked to ensure that it was safe. The World War 2 air raid shelters were also uncovered.

Interview with the Year 7s

Teaching Rooms and Main Areas in the Mill Road Site

Teaching Rooms and Main Areas in the Salisbury Road Site

Areas of the school 2015/2016

Castle Community College Now and Then: 1936 - 2016. Tap the image to see the 2016 version

Castle from the Skies - images taken by Mike Howard (Caretaker)

Salisbury Road Site: Full gallery available on Desktop Site

Castle OPening of the Astro.pdf Castle New Changing Rooms.pdf Castle First Plans of new school.pdf Castle Outstanding College.pdf Castle Outstanding 2008.pdf Castle Academy Status.pdf Castle Academy Status Approved.pdf

Castle Community College

70 Year Celebrations

Form Group Changes 2006

Best Teacher in Deal and Dover

2014 plans of a Free School (SR Site)

Out of Special Measures

CCC awaits Sponsorship

70 yr celebrations.pdf Form Group Changeover 2.pdf Best Teacher in Kent.pdf

2015/2016 Map Mill Road Site

Year of Success

Year 11 Evening

Mr Redfern Retires

Olympic Success

Outstanding GCSE Grades

Outstanding GCSE Grades 2

Last CCC Prom and VEX Winners

New School on Walmer Site.pdf SchoolsCompany Sponsorship.pdf Out of Special Measures.pdf map.png Castle Olympic Sucess.pdf Castle Mr Redfern Retires.pdf Last Prom.pdf

Further Reading:

Castle Community College Signs

Castle Y11 evening.pdf Castle GCSE Grades.pdf Castle GCSE Grades 2.pdf Castle Year of Success.pdf 09 CCC Signs (2).pdf

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Application for Admission to Sixth Form

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Course Information Guide

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School Prospectus (Date Unknown)

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Deal and Sandwich Post 16 Course Information

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