On July 1st 2016, the school was renamed from “Castle Community College” to “Goodwin Academy” as part of its new branding for the new building, which is set to open in 2017. The sponsorship from SchoolsCompany Ltd. also went through on the same day. A new website was introduced as well as a new logo, new signs and new staff ID badges. Staff selected the new name in April 2015; it is named after the Goodwin Sands located between North Deal and St. Margarets.

In operation 2016 - Present

In September 2016, Simon Smith became Acting Principal of Goodwin Academy. Following his success in his new job role, he became the Principal of the school, running the day to day activities on both sites. Matt Evans remains the Director of the Mill Road Site and George Rorke is now the Director of the Salisbury Road Site after Simon’s promotion.

Goodwin Academy

In September 2016, the Academy celebrated it’s last Christmas in the Mill Road Site. The annual Pantomime was held for the local primary schools and the students took part in a challenge to decorate their form rooms. To read about the Christmas events that took place, click on the download below. To see the final options evening that was held at the Mill Road site, staff photos of the people who ran it, download the Final Options Evening Booklet below.

In 2017, Goodwin Academy is due to move in to a brand new, purpose built, three-storey building located on the Mill Road Site, near to Hamilton Road. The Salisbury Road Site will no longer be used for the academic purposes of Goodwin Academy.

The new school will consist of a three-storey teaching block, the largest Sports Hall in Deal, the refurbished Hamilton Block, the Minibus Garage and the Astroturf. The quads from the existing school will be retained and other areas will be retained to provide extra playing areas. The Staff Parking will be used after the existing school has been demolished and the land where the existing school is will become grassland. The new main entrance will be the Hamilton Road Entrance; here there will be a student-designated entrance and a staff-designated entrance. Extra staff parking will also be provided at both entrances to the site.

The map below shows the intended plan for the new school

Preparing the land

Building Site Tour 24.06.16

The intended plan for the new school shows the general plan for the Mill Road Site after the building has been completed, the existing building is demolished and the landscaping has been carried out. The quadrangles will be retained after the building is demolished.

The Hamilton Block will be used for the purposes of Adult Education and Treetops Nursery; the refurbishment of the Hamilton Block has already been completed to enable this to happen. This will mean that they too will also benefit from the most up to date and modern facilities available as well as the students and staff of Goodwin Academy.

The proposed new school buildings

The Metal Frame

Building Work Continued

The primary material for the new school is reinforced insulated render with coloured panels between windows to create a harmonious feel to the building. A panel rain screen cladding system to the main entrance wraps around the facade to provide contrast, texture and relief.


Windows will be polyester powder coated double glazed composite wood and aluminium with solar glass to the east, west and south facades to reduce solar glare. They will be finished with polyester powder coated aluminium externally and lacquered softwood internally.

Insulated External Render

Polyester powder coated composite windows

The three-storey teaching block will be constructed with a steel frame and precast concrete intermediate floors. The use of light weight internal partitions will help to provide flexibility and will be designed to meet the criteria for fire and acoustics. The roof will be a hot melt system on precast concrete and screed.

The steel frame used in the school

Parking & Drop Off Provision

The existing Mill Road entrance will be retained. Also to be retained are the cycle shelters, although these will be partially removed to provide additional parking. Additional parking is to be added to the Hamilton Road Entrance. The basketball court will also be retained to provide extra areas for students in recreational time. There will be a total of 74 parking spaces including two accessible bays at the Mill Road Entrance.

Impact on existing use

The existing buildings at the Mill Road site are at the end of their working lives. The general rationale of teaching and education has changed so much that the building is not fit for purpose; it can no longer live up to the expectations of modern schools. This is especially true with the cheap and temporary extensions that have been added to the site to enable the school to hold extra students. The new school will be large enough to accommodate students without the need for extensions.

Impact on the environment

This statement has demonstrated that the proposed redevelopment of Castle Community College is consistent with the principles of sustainable development and is a key objective of the design. The location, orientation and layout of the proposal seeks to maximise the efficient use of the land. The location within the site takes full account of the land form and topography of the site to minimise the need for extensive re-profiling of the site.

Please note the text above has been taken out of various planning documents as well as the images. The images are purely exemplification of the text and not the intended look of the new building at the Mill Road Site.

Design and Access Statement Part 2

Design and Access Statement Part 3

Design and Access Statement Part 1

Further Reading:

Final Planning Statement

Proposed Site Plan

Teaching Block First Floor Plan

Teaching Block Second Floor Plan

Teaching Block Ground Floor Plan

Teaching Block Roof Plan

Teaching Block Proposed Elevations

Sports Hall Proposed Floor Plan

Sports Hall Proposed Elevations

Teaching Block Proposed Sections

Sports Hall Proposed Sections

External Lighting Strategy


Landscape Masterplan

16 15_00902-LANDSCAPE_MASTERPLAN-294306.pdf

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Work Experience Photo 14.11.16-18.11.16

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Teaching Block Exterior - 13.01.17


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Virtual Tour of the Mill Road Site, 2017 Special Edition

Virtual Tour of the Salisbury Road Site, 2017 Special Edition

Spring Photo Shoot - Mill Road Site (Full Gallery on Desktop Version)

The Final Christmas on the Mill Road Site

Last Christmas at Mill Road Site.pdf

The Final Options Evening on the Mill Road Site

Year 9 Options Evening.pdf

Past Teacher and Student Tours

On 23rd November 2016, Brian Redfern (Former Deputy Head Teacher) and Graham Millar (Former Teacher) attended the Mill Road Site once again for their final tour on the school. I toured them around the whole site with Jeff Thompson and Caretaker Mike Howard. Both former members of staff certainly had laughs along the trip down memory lane. The photos below are of Biran Redfern (left) and Graham Millar (right) with myself in front of the staff room stairs.

On 21st April 2017, a former student of the Deal County School for Girls 1944-48 attended the school once more to tour the school before its impending demolition. 83 year old Kathleen Horton attended with her daughter Amanda Kampanis. After meeting and looking through various photos and school reports from her time in the 1940s, in her former cookery room (Room 02), she toured the school with Arran Powell (student), Jeff Thompson (New Build Liaison) and Mike Howard (Caretaker). Her tour brought back many memories of her friends, teachers and lessons including Handicraft, Art and Science; she was even able to identify a vast array of students and teachers on the photos displayed on the school history display in the main school building. She described many school experiences including having started the school at the end of the war and being the first intake of the HORSA scheme; the first time the school leaving age was raised. After completing her tour, Kathleen said it’s a shame that the school has to be demolished, but times move on. She was presented with a photo of the front of the school and administration block, taken in 1936, framed as a gift for attending the school. (Full photo gallery fro the event available on desktop website).