Credit to some Past Teachers from Castle Community College

Mr Brian Redfern, Head of Modern Foreign Languages 1976-1984, Deputy Head Teacher from 1984 - 2008, for providing information about the school in this time and for providing the Deal Secondary School book from 1977-78.

Mrs Martine Wells, Head of French, from 1980 - 2013, for providing information for when each part of the school was built.

Mr James Stacey, Head Teacher from 1968 - 1987, for providing information about the merger in 1968 and the development of the school in to Deal Secondary School.

Mr Don Arnold, teacher from 1952 - 1981, for the information about the clubs before the construction of the ROSLA Block.

Credit to some Current Teachers at Goodwin Academy

Mr Mike Howard, Caretaker (Mill Road), for the provision of the 1972 and 1990 aerial photos, the 1990s map, the modern day aerial photos, access to the basement, finding the archive box and finding the artefacts.

Mrs Amanda Thomas, Head of Vocational Education and Mrs Rahnie Smith, Head of Health and Social Care, for providing the information about Castle High School.

Mr Chris Stanley, Head of Sixth Form, for information about, and the provision of, the Walmer Castle Sixth Form College leaflet.

Mrs Sue Mapstone, Teacher of English, for providing some background information about The Elizabeth Carter School.

Mr Glynn Myers, Key Stage 3 Manager, for arranging and helping with the Year 7 video.

The PE Department, for providing details about the changing rooms.

Mrs Jo-Marie Brookfield, Teacher of English, editing and proofreading information.

Mrs Kate Hayes-Watkins, Head of Performing Arts, for providing photos of the building after the first portion was completed.

Mr Ritchie Wilkinson, Head of Media, for providing equipment from the department to help with filming.

Mr Simon Smith, Principal, and Mr Jeff Thompson, New Build Liaison, for their support and overseeing the project.

Credit to some Past Students from Deal Secondary School for Boys

Mr Gregory Holyoake, for providing the names and image for the Deal Secondary School for Boys Teachers and the images of Walmer Secondary School.

Councillor Wayne Elliott, for providing more information about the merger between the two original schools.

Gordon Marsh, student from 1946-1950, for providing extra photos for this time period.

Credit to some Institutions

East Kent Mercury Archive for the provision of the newspaper articles.

The British Newspaper Archive for the provision of the newspaper detailing the construction of the second instalment.

Kier Construction for the provision of the areas of the school images and the planning documents for the Goodwin Academy New Build.

The National Library of Scotland for the provision of the historic map.

The Deal Secondary School 1972 onwards Facebook page for providing additional images and information.

The Serif WebPlus Community Forums for their help with HTML codes.

Colin Varrall, of the Mill Hill and Betteshanger Heritage Facebook group, for the provision of five extra site maps.

Credit to…

Credit to Additional People

Judith Davies for the provision of two extra photos of students at The Elizabeth Carter School.

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Award Presentation for Mike Howard

On 15th March 2017, Mike Howard was presented with an award plaque that I made using the laser cutter. I presented the plaque to Mike during staff briefing that morning, the same day that I received a letter from the Education Officer regarding the website.

Credit to a Past Student from Deal County Secondary School for Girls

Mrs Kathleen Horton, student from 1944-1948, for providing school reports from this era and some student and staff photos.

Newspaper Article for the Release of the Website

Letter 2 from Don Arnold

The School History Display

Since starting the school history project, I have created, and regularly updated, a display of my findings to share with those who use and operate in the building daily. I have made sure the information on this website has been added to it as well as the most up to date photos of the school throughout time. It was then announced that my display would be showcased in Deal Town Hall after it has been removed from the building for demolition works! The images below show how the display has changed since I started it in February 2016 - full photo gallery on desktop site!